Igor Raykhelson

English  /  Русский

Lush, neo-romantic string concertos

Matthew L. Pumphrey, Annapolis, MD USA

Not knowing a thing about the composer, I fell into samples of the tracks provided by the label, Tocatta, on their website. Being a "string concerto nut", I was rivoted by these offerings and had been waiting with bated breathe for the full download. Both of these works are full blown concertos, yet with a delicate, airy beauty that is unique in modern classical music. The relationship between soloists and orchestra is well balanced and the developments are solid. Harmonies are complex and melody is huge. Very tonal and diverse. At times I hear Prokoviev like textures and other times a Rachmaninov climax. Both pieces are original, but harken to the early twentieth century Russian sound. Well worth the wait.

17 April 2012